We Are Made To Thrive

We Are Made To Thrive

Have you ever thought of yourself as weak? How about unable to do the things you need to do, whether a daily chore like checking your email, eating breakfast or even sometimes just getting out of bed? Is it near impossible to quit a bad habit? Do you find yourself unequipped for this? Perhaps you hesitate to ask your boss for a raise and then just talk yourself out of it, even though you DO carry more than your share of the load at work and deserve to be rewarded? Do you think you are unable to handle motherhood? And most importantly, do you treat others like pure crap (excuse me) and strike out at those who have been most “there” for you in your worst times and prove themselves to be true? Do you treat them as you wish to be treated? And furthermore do you yell at your children and others when a gentle voice would have been more effective and you just don’t understand why you just aren’t nice, and you simply have accepted, and owned the declaration that you just aren’t made nice? In other words, do you think of yourself as weak, undisciplined, unpleasant and unlovable and unable to ever have a better life?

Luckily, my friend, these thoughts that we all can have from time to time, and unfortunately for some more than others, are complete untruths. Yay!

Timid in the dictionary says, “showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened.” God does not want us to be afraid. He so wants us to trust in his grand plan for our lives, and to believe with confidence that it is coming into fruition, to completeness.

God has also given us the spirit of power. That means you have the power to control your own life, power to make good decisions  and even the stature to stand up to your boss about that much deserved raise! The power that our lord bestows upon us all is endless, bottomless, infinite. We only need to ask in prayer for this power while believing in faith that we already have received strength. Philippians 4:13 states “Christ gives me the strength to face anything. (CEV). I stand by what I say: Pray for strength and power with belief that you have already received it and you will feel you have! You will conquer your concerns.

Here we come to the concept of love. Such an ephemeral idea it is. We all have a capacity for love, but maybe we were damaged from our childhood, our marriage and we just don’t think we are worthy of love. Or we are all washed-up and just don’t feel like loving any more because the outcome has always been disappointment. Again, we must believe, and know, we are valuable. My mother used to tell my dates in high school that i was “precious cargo.” This is how God see us, but with so much more care and love than we can even imagine.

We love because God loved us first.” says 1 John 4:19.

As despicable as we can be, He still loves us, loves YOU! As hard as this is sometimes to believe, believe it with just a tiny bit of faith, and that tiny will grow until it is a reality for you. Then you will absolutely know that you have love to give away, because you have love in your heart from your Creator.

And there is self-discipline… the concept most difficult for us all- sinners and saints alike! In other versions it is referred to as “self-control”, “sound mind”, and simply “discipline”. I struggle with this one the most. Do you wonder how you can ever quit a bad habit. (I’m still out on that one!) But I still believe it all comes down to “faith in what you cannot see” and getting your strength from Christ and the Holy Spirit, from within yourself. You can move past addictions and have self control, sound mind, by simply practicing. That’s what it takes. Practice sound mind and discipline with love and faith and you can move mountains in not just your world, but in the lives around you as well. My mama told me, “practice makes perfect.” Right?

Yes, we were and are made to thrive. God wants us to flourish and be all that we can be. God’s grand plan for you is perfect and He is still working on it and you. You will not be finished until your purpose is complete. You are a work of art, in the making, that only blossoms with His help. Love Him, trust Him and be all he has in store for you.

Go thrive!

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We Are Made To Thrive

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