The Potter’s Clay

The Potter’s Clay

Each one of us a miraculous, wondrous and mysterious work of God. It is praised by the psalmist in Psalms 139:14 that God also made us- you – fearfully. He has made us in His image and for a unique purpose, and each to their own. Sometimes we question our purpose and can never figure out why we are here. Guess what? We may never know why other than to serve God and people. Who are we to question the pure perfection and love that we were created with?

We rarely see ourselves in the pure light of love that our Maker, God, sees us in. It is difficult to loves one’s self like this. We need instruction and guidance to find our most perfect path.

But as an artist that has dabbled in pottery before, I can tell you that clay has a mind of it’s own. It needs direction on the potter’s wheel, direction or it will just flop and collapse into itself. In the same way, our heavenly Father steers us, so we don’t self-implode, so we don’t destroy ourselves from the inside. He tries to keep our heart and soul safe, but with our free will, we can get off track.

Free will… another day another story. But  maybe “fearfully” made refers to the fact we DO have free will and God fears what all may happen to us in our lives because of this freedom to choose a path, even if this path is a bad decision that will lead to pain and be a setback on our life-journey. God wants only what is best for us, just like a potter wants their lump of wet, cold, mushy clay to become the most beautiful and durable bowl ever. God wants the best life for each and every one of us.

So next time you want to question why God didn’t make you good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, talented enough, stable enough, then ask yourself, “Dare I question perfection from God?” Who am I?

You are the child of the King, being sculpted into perfection by your Father! You are, and were, always more than enough. Never forget this.

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Deborah Pippen

Deborah Pippen

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The Potter’s Clay

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